Industrial upgrading

Very important activities of our company is investments in oil rigs and fields development, representation of foreign beneficiaries and to attract foreign capital in the exploration and extraction of oil and gas fields and petrochemical complexes. Moreover, investments in the purchase and supply of equipment for Russian refineries. These strategy aims to ensure the sustainable availability of oil, gas and petrochemical products for internal consumption and export.

Use Of Modern Technologies

Tgk-03 is the leader of innovative changes in Russian oil and gas industry. The goal of the Company is to create an advanced oil business of new type, that would allow fulfilling strategic needs of the Company and provide the best financial viability on the basis of its own drilling and service company RN-Burenie with the possibility of attracting partners, as well as to create a pool of innovative technologies and competence on all the key directions of future development. Reduction in supplies of equity crude to ROG refineries was driven by a decision to substitute equity crude with purchased crude while redirecting the equity crude to other export channels.

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